Webinar: Performance of the GYPSY and MGM Growth and Yield Models in Alberta

Authors: Robert Froese, Benjamin Panes, and Shuxiang Yang

Presenter Bio

Robert Froese grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia near the gates of the University of British Columbia, surrounded by the forests of Pacific Spirit Park. He has always been drawn to forests and inspired by their relationship with human well-being. Robert’s core values include the importance of knowledge in informing decisions people make about their place in the natural world and is committed to the role that universities can have in promoting wide general good, through professional excellence, creative scholarship, and a sincere dedication to learning. This commitment has been shaped by his academic and professional experiences in British Columbia, Idaho, Michigan, and Alberta, and is the foundation of Robert’s research and teaching in forest biometrics, modelling, and growth and yield.  

Robert now makes his home in the mixed boreal and montane forests of Alberta, Canada. He is a Certified Forester with the Society of American Foresters and a Registered Professional Forester in Alberta.