Foothills Pine Project Team

The Foothills Pine Project Team continues the work of the Foothills Growth & Yield Association, which formed in 2000 to co-operatively forecast and monitor managed stand growth and yield in Lodgepole pine.

Its mission comprises three activities: forecasting and monitoring responses to silvicultural treatments, facilitating the scientific development and validation of yield forecasts used by members in managing their tenures; and promoting knowledge, shared responsibility, and cost-effective cooperation

lodgepole pine with mountains in the background
An initiative of the Foothills Pine Project Team, now in its third decade.
Establishment of PSP Network to Monitor Stand Dynamics and Establish Yield Curves for Stands Killed by MPB
As a result of significant in-flights of mountain pine beetles coming from British Columbia in 2006 and 2009, as well as subsequent local production, there are widely distributed pine dominated stands throughout Alberta that have been significantly affected by MPB-caused mortality. Mortality is most prevalent from West-Central Alberta, in the Grande Prairie are and northwest of Manning.
Stand Dynamics after Mountain Pine Beetle Attack
How will a stand respond after MPB infestation, and what can the forestry industry do to help it regenerate?
Cooperative Management of Historic Research Trials
A long-term collaboration.
Monitoring and decision support for regeneration management in a mountain pine beetle environment
How can forest companies best help stands bounce back from a MPB infestation?
Manual and Guides | Scientific Publications
Version 7.3 of this manual contains the design and specifications for the revised plot layout, measurements, data formats, maintenance, and quality control required for ongoing growth monitoring of the trial. A measurement schedule for the period 2022 to 2026 is appended to the manual.
Effects of Planting, Vegetation Management, and Pre-Commercial Thinning on the Growth and Yield of Lodgepole Pine Regenerated after Harvesting in Alberta, Canada
Peer Reviewed Papers | Scientific Publications
Paper from the Regenerated Lodgepole Pine Project.
Reports | Scientific Publications
Technical report summarizing analyses of data collected at the end of the trial’s regeneration phase, between 2017 and 2020. It […]
pine trees growing with mountains in the background
GIS Products | Tools and Apps
Download and use the FRIPSY tool for Microsoft Excel. Updated in September 2022.
Peer Reviewed Papers | Scientific Publications
Paper from the Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada
QuickNotes | Summaries and Communications
Projected effects of pre-commercial thinning on mean annual increment of lodgepole pine at rotation age.
QuickNotes | Summaries and Communications
Effects of weeding on the growth and yield of reforested lodgepole pine stands
QuickNotes | Summaries and Communications
Projected effects of planting on mean annual increment of lodgepole pine at rotation age.
Group photo of participants on the 2019 FGrOW field tour near Whitecourt, Alberta.
Audio-Visual | Photo Galleries
Pictures from the FGrOW field tour in on October 10, 2019.
It’s been 10 years since the Foothills Growth and Yield Association (FGYA) installed a unique and important long-term experimental field […]