Mixedwood Project Team

The Mixedwood Project Team is continuing the work of the Mixedwood Management Association, which addressed practical and scientific issues around managing mixedwood stands to sustain their mixed-species characteristics.

The Mixedwood Management Association officially came into existence in 2001 with eight member companies and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. Hosted by the Alberta Research Council for the first two years and then the University of Alberta until 2015, when it amalgamated with FGrOW.

The Mixedwood project team has three goals:

  1. Increase knowledge through financial and in-kind support of basic and applied research.
  2. Enhance the forest community’s understanding of mixedwood through support for workshops and conferences.
  3. Increase information collection, sharing, dissemination, and its application to day-to-day forest management activities.
pine and aspen trees against a blue sky
Peer Reviewed Papers | Scientific Publications
Open access paper from FGrOW
Group photo of participants on the 2019 FGrOW field tour near Whitecourt, Alberta.
Audio-Visual | Photo Galleries
Pictures from the FGrOW field tour in on October 10, 2019.
FGrOW Alberta Silviculture Guide: Boreal Mixedwood and Lower Foothills Natural Subregions
Manual and Guides | Scientific Publications
Version 2 of the Guide, commissioned by the Mixedwood Project Team of the Forest Growth Organization of Western Canada (FGrOW).
Mixedwood Management Association Historic Report: 2000-2015
Reports | Scientific Publications
Review of 15 years of the Mixedwood Management Association
Dynamic aspen density experiment: Annual Report 2011-2012
Annual Reports | Summaries and Communications
Annual report for 2011-2012 for the DADE project, now part of FGrOW
Dynamic aspen density experiment: Annual Report December 31, 2010
Annual Reports | Summaries and Communications
Annual report from DADE - project of FGrOW - from December 2010