Foothills Reforestation Interactive Planning System

pine trees growing with mountains in the background

Linking silviculture to growth and yield

FRIPSY (Foothills Reforestation Interactive Planning System) is a quantitative planning tool to assist management of Alberta’s lodgepole pine forests. It is designed to:

  • Encourage and facilitate application of research undertaken by the FGrOW Foothills Pine Project;
  • Assist silviculturists in selecting what combination of treatments (mechanical site preparation, planting, herbicide application, and pre-commercial thinning) best meet objectives for reforestation following harvesting;
  • Support timber supply planning by linking regeneration performance to predictions of long-term growth and yield.

The application is run in Microsoft Excel, using either of two interactive processing modes: single-stand or batch. It comes with a comprehensive user guide, including easy-to-follow instructions, plus more detailed background information on design and structure of the system.

Download the program file and user guide here.

After downloading the .zip folder, extract and save the files to a local directory before using.

By downloading the program file, you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the detailed Licence Agreement for this software.

FRIPSY consists of a regeneration model linked to the Alberta government’s growth and yield projection system (GYPSY). In order for it to produce GYPSY output in addition to the default regeneration forecasts, you will need the Excel GYPSY Yield Table Generator DLL file installed on your computer. The Government of Alberta has full instructions on GYPSY, including how to download and install the DLL, here.

FRIPSY Training

Use these training videos and download their accompanying PowerPoints to learn how to use FRIPSY.

Part 1: The Basics

Part 2: Batch Processing

Part 3: Exploring Treatment Effects